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14. okt. 2017 18:53

Torill Aanesrud


«Dyrke vannliljer i egen hage» v/Arne Kristian Mellumokt 17, 7:00pmTåsen SeniorsenterV/Arne Kristian Mellum
«Dyrke vannliljer i egen hage» - om bygging av hage dam og dyrking av planter der.
Biblioteket åpner kl 1830.

"Dam i hagen kan være en flott hobby om man begynner riktig og har lagt gode planer.
Nå skal vi lære å anlegge en dam for å kunne dyrke vannplanter i egen hage.
Arne Mellum har hatt hagedam som hobby i nærmere 30 år og er sekretær i Norsk Hagedamforening.
Han har også drevet en spesialforretning for utstyr til hagedammer i flere år.
Nå har han hagedam kun som hobby, og gleder seg til å dele sin erfaring med oss på vårt medlemsmøte"
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 «Dyrke vannliljer i egen hage» v/Arne Kristian Mellum

9. jun. 2017 13:14

Gheshlaghi Kamiar

Hei! Jeg har bestilt varer og sendt mail,prøvd og ringe dere men ingen av delen for jeg noe respons på??!
Hva skjer?
Dårlig kundebehandling er dette!
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9. nov. 2017 09:42


Tropex har mottatt en ny container fra USA med Firestone epdm damfolie 1,02mm og 1,14mm .
Vi har også fått hjem 17 paller Shinano fiskemat.
Nettbutikken er oppdatert .
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14. okt. 2017 09:10


Another nice HQ bowl of Koshiji/Kase! This bowl and many others will be sold only on www.ornafish.com later today! Also many others like Yagenji mix boxes, Maruhiro Sansai Ki Utsuri and Ginrin Karashi, Kase yonsai HQ Shiro Utsuri and Sansai metallic Ochiba, Maruhide small Nisai, Marusei Sansai 55-60 cm Kawari boxes at an extreme good price/quality rate. Keep an eye on your mailbox! ... Se merSe mindre


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Vist jeg finner noe av interesse kan jeg bare sende dere en link også få en pris osv evnt?

21. sep. 2017 17:17

Terje Normann

Er bestillingen jeg gjorde fredag 15.09 sendt enda?
Begynner å gå tomt nå.
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Practical Fishkeeping Magazine:

18. nov. 2017 11:14

Hristo Hristov

Yellow mosaic Guppy ... Se merSe mindre

Yellow mosaic Guppy

KoiCarp Magazine:

2. apr. 2017 09:17

Andrew Richards

Customer viewing the stunning selection of high quality koi at koiwatergarden.com new fish House 5 Quarantine facility
See more on the webbsite and Facebook page
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20. jan. 2017 19:58

Paul Fulleylove

Hi I have noticed a white lump on the bottom of my Asagi Koi's tail, seems fine but any idea what it could be and best treatment for the problem??? Thanks ... Se merSe mindre

Hi I have noticed a white lump on the bottom of my Asagi Kois tail, seems fine but any idea what it could be and best treatment for the problem??? Thanks

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Google it! 😂

Mick Riley might know mate

It looks like carp pox, it is contagious.

7. des. 2016 16:51

Samantha Lewis

Is this magazine still running??? ... Se merSe mindre

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Who knows? Loads of people waiting for the answer! 😤😡


22. nov. 2017 21:36


Recognise a few of these 🙂

Available to purchase here:
queni-koi.co.uk/books-75-c.aspFor anyone who hasn't seen our magazine, and might be thinking about buying it, but would prefer to see what they're getting first, here's small preview in the form of part of an article from the latest edition.

We hope you enjoy the excerpt and if you do decide to purchase one or more of the five magazines we have published to date, by far the cheapest way to do so is instore at one of our partner reseller dealers.

There is a list of them on the thread below this one on our FB page. Not only is it hard to beat good Koi content in a real magazine format, but buying it from a dealer means you also get to look at their Koi at the same time!

The first three issues are annuals and contain 200 pages and cost £10 each. Due to demand we now produce two 100 page magazines a year and they are £7. Individually or as a set they make an awesome Christmas gift for any serious Koi Keeper.
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Recognise a few of these :) 

Available to purchase here: 

22. nov. 2017 18:50


Arriving tomorrow night.

Sakai Fish Farm Sanke

This Koi won Best in Size, Best UK entrant and 1st class and Size at the 2016 International Junior Koi Show.
He also placed at the Wakagoi and All Japan the following year.

Now just under 55cm and looking incredible.
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Who ever buys this Beauty u luck person

21. nov. 2017 19:00


Shiro Utsuri
35cm circa
£295.00 each

These Koi can be secured with a 50% deposit.

View website for more details or send us a message.

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